The purpose of this information is to allow you to track your current participation hours for the current school year.

For any discrepancies in your hours, please confirm with the Participation Co-ordinator that they have been submitted. If they have been submitted, please allow time for them to be entered and posted.

For additional enquiries, please contact the Participation Co-ordinator at

Important Reminders:

Please read and review the school policy manual regarding the parent participation program (i.e. the “PARTICIPATION WORKER GUIDELINES” section). Highlighted below are some that require your immediate attention:

  1. Time Sheets: Signing in for hours – please remember when you work on a category — whether it is a regular category or helping out with something else — to sign in and out on the time sheets. The time sheets are our official reference if questions arise regarding discrepancies in your hours. Indicate your child’s last name (if different from yours) as registered in the school. This will help ensure that your hours are rightfully credited to you.
  1. ***15 hours by December 31st*** – as per Section 2.4.2, you are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of Parent Participation by December 31st. Exceptions to this can only be approved by the school Administration and PEC/Participation Co-ordinator. If you are below 15 hours by this date, you will be billed accordingly and immediately for the balance of the hours needed. If your category schedules/shift will not be able to cover 15 hours, you are expected to top up your hours by joining other categories such as Maintenance and Fundraising. There will be enough opportunities in these categories for you to be able to participate. Please watch out for announcements of these opportunities in the school newsletter.
  1. MINIMUM of 50 hours – a minimum of 50 hours participation per year is required. For this school year, participation hours are to be completed on or before June 30th, of a school year. Additional hours are available in other participation categories only if the category that you are assigned to does not meet the 50 hour minimum requirement for the year.
  1. Regular shifts – If you are assigned to a participation category with regular schedule/shift such as bingo, library, noon hour supervision, and you miss your regularly scheduled shift and do not have a person replace you, you will be billed for the hours missed; even if you have already reached your yearly total of 50 hours but still have a regular shift/commitment (Section 2.4.2).

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  • Include any characters (hyphens, apostrophes) or spaces in your surname as it is registered with the school.
    (eg. O’Brien or Smith-Johnson)


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