At Our Lady of Assumption School, we strive to adapt the best teaching practices to enable your children in their faith and academic development. With Religion and Academics as the core of our teaching, we support learning through various programs including Physical Education, Music, Art, French and Healthy Living. Our Learning Assistance team works collaboratively with parents and teachers to ensure that the needs of students’ requiring extra help and attention are addressed.

The Ministry of Education has launched a three-year plan to implement the refreshed Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum, and accompanying reporting and assessment practices, in public and independent schools across the province. The new curriculum ensures that every child will be connected to the basics like reading, writing and mathematics, while learning the collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills needed in university, college and the workforce.  It also provides students and teachers with the flexibility to personalize the learning experience, allow our kids to develop a deeper understanding of, and connection to, what they are learning.

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