As an independent Catholic School we rely heavily on tuition fees and the generosity of our parish community to succeed.  While we do receive a portion of funding from the government for operating costs, these costs and needs far exceed the funding received.  Therefore, we need the help of every family in our fundraising initiatives.

Participating in fundraising builds a strong school community for our children and families while supporting the operating budget of each school year.  Our fundraising events are a way to share our joy together and to celebrate our accomplishments as a Catholic community.  Each fundraiser is unique, but what remains consistent is that none of them would be possible without the support and efforts of our parents, volunteers, teachers, and donors.

After a seismic evaluation in 2013, it was a priority for us to make essential improvements needed for the safety of the school, students and community.  It was determined it will require funding of over $250,000 to restore our school to high safety standards.  In 2013, we kicked off a fundraising campaign “We Do This Together” to help raise the needed funds for the mandated work.

After a great start to our campaign, this year, we have launched a sub-campaign “We Do This Together – Learn & Play” to allow our fundraising efforts to support much needed computer upgrades and upgrades to play equipment.

Please see below for all of the campaign information and updates to our fundraising goals:

**We Do This Together Campaign (2013-2018)

**We Do This Together Campaign Update (June 2015)

**We Do This Together – Learn & Play (2015)

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