At Assumption School we believe:

Our uniforms show pride in our faith and in our school;
All students should arrive at school with their school sweaters ready for morning Mass, the classroom, assemblies, school Mass, school presentations;
Our uniforms should be in presentable condition, clean, tidy and without tears. Our school is the best place to present the Best Us possible!

The uniform described below is a requirement for all Assumption School students.

Uniforms are available through Neat Uniforms located at 3738 Parker St., Burnaby. The Uniform Coordinator will organize a uniform order date at the school annually.


  • Tunic, tartan, drop-waisted* OR Culotte skirt tartan* OR Pleated skirt, tartan*
  • Shirt*: White, short sleeved golf shirt, school name Embroidered on left side; OR Blouse: White, plain collar, long or short sleeved
  • Cardigan* OR Pullover* OR Vest*: mandatory part of uniform, navy blue. Sweaters must be work to school upon arrival and at all Masses, assemblies and events.
  • Socks: white or navy blue ankle/knee high, or white/navy blue leotard
  • Dress shoes are preferred and should be black or navy blue, runners should be predominantly black. All shoes should have non-marking soles.


  • Dress pants: navy blue Walking shorts*: navy blue
  • Shirt*: White, short-sleeved golf shirt, school name embroidered on left side
  • Cardigan* OR Pullover*: mandatory part of uniform, navy blue. Sweaters must be work to school upon arrival and at all Masses, assemblies and events.
  • Socks: White or navy blue.
  • Dress shoes: as previously outlined.

A gym strip is also mandatory for all students from Grade1 to 7 inclusive

  • Gray t-shirt with the school name (school issued)
  • Navy blue shorts (school issued)
  • A separate, dedicated pair of runners with non-marking soles must be worn during physical education classes and sports practices held in the gymnasium


  • N.B. No nail polish, make-up, or excessive jewelry is permitted
  • NOTE: Uniform policy decisions (ie. fashion trends or fads) are made at the discretion of the PEC and School Administration.

Students are expected to wear the School uniform every day. They are expected to be clean, neat and tidy. A student not wearing the complete uniforms will be given an infraction letter.