The Parish Education Committee (PEC) is a group comprised of 7 parishioners – 5 of whom are elected, and 2 are appointed by the Pastor. The PEC obtains its authority from the CISVA Board of Directors and is required to carry out the policies and procedures as set by the Board. The Pastor and PEC work together to ensure day-to-day operations of the school are met and to take part in the spiritual direction of the school. The PEC is headed by our Pastor, Father Ron Thompson.

For the school year 2017-18, the PEC members are as follows:

Position Name
Chairperson Robin Van Der Mark
Vice Chair Margaret Unser
Treasurer Margaret Unser
Secretary Maria Buenaventura
Parent Participation Coordinator Christina Buchmann
Maintenance Coordinator Glenn Malelang
Fundraising Coordinator Christina Evdokimenko
Other Members Marguerite Walkins