At Our Lady of Assumption School, we encourage all interested boys and girls of varying talents and abilities to join a sports team and participate.  Team sports are a place to learn the sport, practice the skills, accept each other’s abilities (both weaknesses and strengths), make friends and have fun playing the sport.  We hold the Fair Play philosophy (from the BC Amateur Sports Philosophy).  As long as a player comes prepared to practice regularly, exercises sportsmanship and respects the coach, fellow players and opposing players, the player is guaranteed playing time.  For example, in basketball, this means every player will sit out a quarter and every player is guaranteed a minimum of one quarter.  Fair play does not mean every player will necessarily receive equal amount of playing time.

When joining a team, students will be made aware of Fair Play and with his/her parents can decide whether he/she wishes to participate within the philosophy presented.

Below is a list of Assumption Eagles sports teams.  All teams below are coached by a teacher or by a parent coach with a teacher supervisor.

Cross Country

In early September of each school year all students from Grades 2 to 7 are invited to join the OLA Cross Country Team.  They will run with their coach and other parent supervisors at least twice a week to build up their strength and stamina.  The season ends in early October with the annual CISVAAA Cross Country Meet, which is held at Town Center Stadium.  The OLA coach will choose the runners who will participate in the times events, however, all other runners may participate in the Cross Country ‘Fun Run’ on Meet day.

Volleyball (September to November)

  • Grade 5 (Juvenile) Girls
  • Grade 6 (Junior) Girls
  • Grade 7 (Senior) Girls

Soccer (September to mid November)

  • Grade 4/5 Boys and Girls
  • Grade 6/7 Boys and Girls

Basketball (January to March)

  • Grade 7 Boys and Girls
  • Grade 6 Boys and Girls
  • Grade 5 Boys and Girls

Track and Field  (April to May)

Students from Grades 3 through 7 are invited to join our Track & Field team each spring. OLA School is usually invited to participate in at least two Track Meets at other Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese. In addition, we hold our own Annual Assumption School Track Meet in May at Town Center.

The Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese Athletic Association holds the final system wide Track Meet over a two day period at Swanguard Stadium.